Monday, May 7, 2012

My kind 'o' stuff...[random though it may be]

Just thought it would be fun to put on some of my fav. things...One of which is Iced coffee in a mason jar. If it were my choice, mason jars would be our main source for cup useage. I Just Love Them! :D

And I love wildflowers...Yes, they are in a mason jar too. :) lol

My favorite book, the Bible. And my pen to mark it up!

My mom took this one of me blowing a wishy flower...(Dandalion fluff)

This is the veiw from my window! From where I took the pic you can't see the mountains, but normally you can. They are especially beautiful when they are covered in snow! :)

This is the book I am currantly reading...Becky has been practically begging me to read this 16 book series! Yeah, you heard me right, 16 books! But I'm sure it won't take all that long to read them all, considering my love for literature. :) So I relented, and have finally started in on them...although I am a bit confused by the part I'm in right now. I think I have the characters mixed up or something! But I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually! LOL

May the Lord bless you all! -Kayla A.

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