DIY and Crafts

Homemade liquid chalk. This is something fun to do on a sunny day with your kids. It is SO easy and FUN! All you need are these three ingredents
1. 1 cup water
2. 1 cup corn starch
3.  food coloring
Mix together cornstarch and water in a med. sized bowl. Now pour into muffin tins and color individually according to desired shades. Finnally just go outside and useing large paint brushes, paint and color to your hearts content. (You know this may be originally thought of for kids, but I enjoyed it just as much! lol)

This is the creation I made with the chalk. :D It was fun!

If your worried about the clean-up or staining something, don't. It all washes off with water. However, I would not reccomend purposely dowsing yourself  or clothes with it. It came off of me, but I won't gurrentee what it will do to your clothing. I hope you have fun! God bless!
-Kayla A. 

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