Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The "Giant' hit

So....guess what? Yesterday I went with best friends, Anna, Sawyer, Becky, Shayla, and Morgan, for Becky's 15th birthday to a Giants game!!! And...Buster Posey hit a home run!!!!!! YEY!
     After going to a Dodgers game in L.A. with the family I went to Vagas with a few weeks ago, watching the Giants was a blessed change. (Not that I didn't enjoy going to the Dodgers game, I just am a born and raised Giants fan, and after watching the Dodgers play, it was a confirmation of my beliefes in the Giants.
      Incase you're wondering, yes, the Giants did win. They played the Padres with a 7-1 score. :D

Buster Posey is Awsome!
                      So...who's your favorite baseball team? Is it the Giants????
                                       Are you a fan of Buster Posey like me???
 We all had so much fun, between singing way off tune in the car with Sawyer's funky upbeat music, french-fry wars at in 'n' out, (Sawyer started throwing them at Becky, who in turn threw them back at him...only I was inbetween them on the seat, and then they ran out of fry's, so they used mine as I leaned back trying not to be hit with the many flying fry's going back and forth. No success in that i'm afraid. Morgan started thowing them at me next, and you can't simply leave that alone can you?? NO. Poor beck had fry's in her hair, by the time we were done.) And then watching the Giants and Posey's home run, was so amazing. :D On the way home we were no better. Anna started a game/riddle and we were going at it and ended up playing like 7 different variations of the game. We didn't end up getting back until 12:30 at night, but the day was well worth the fatige of the night. I just love my friends :)     
        Been to any games lately? Have any funny story's to share? Id'e love to hear from you any time.
                                             Blessings from our Lord,
                                                        xoxo -Kayla 

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