Friday, March 2, 2012

By the river
'Miss Hollywood'

My baby sister is so cute!
Sleepy Time. (Look at those lashes)
Time to swing

You know lunch was a success if it's all over your baby brothers hands & face!
OK. I had to take a picture of this. In Nov. my 12 year-old brother broke his arm in a Quad accident. Then, not even a week later, my 7 year-old brother burnt his arm pretty bad. You know how things happen all at once. Well we were quite cautious to keep the rest of the kids out of harms way. These two are a bit more careful now too. The picture is pretty funny tho. :) 

I love sunsets!
Me 'n' my baby sis


I thought it was so cute seeing them read together. Big brother and little brother. :)

Amazing huh?

Our scruffy dog, Scout!

My Grandpa reading to the kids!
My sister Faith & her friend :)

Sister spa time!

At the fish hatchery

Sunset in the mountains
Fun with friends!
This is the only unhappy face I have of my baby brother. He refused to smile and told me "No!" He had been waiting for Mama to take him for a while. I was trying to cheer him up while he waited,  taking his picture always does. Except for this time. (Obviously) I had to post it, it reminds me of some baby actor. Haha!

A friend and our dog's puppy's!

I told Faith to open her eyes wider, since they were almost closed. She took me VERY literally. LOL!

"Love ya Sis!"

This is me

Faith and my niece Angela

Jeremiah & Angela

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