Monday, May 28, 2012

A small town with big heart

The Potter Valley Rodeo was a fun afffair with all the locals gathering for they're 'One big event' (as my best friend Anna called it) in the small countryside town. Here are some friends I hung out with for the weekend :D I didn't get a pic of Anna and I yet, so I'll have to take one next time, but these are some of her siblings and they're friends.

This is on Sunday, when they do the bigger stuff life bull-riding, wrangling, and the sort.

On Saturday it is more of just the locals and they're activities. Here they are having a log cuttting contest. This is the Potter Valley competing side, with some of the men from our church. And guess who won? Yep! It was us!

Bull-riding is pretty dangerous and you have to be kinda crazy to be a competiter in it, but to watch it is rather exciting. Here the bull is trying to ram the man ahead of him, as he runs out the gate. (Sorry the picture is so blurry, I had to zoom way in and my camera does not to so well with it.)  

This one was quite "Bull-headed" as they call it. It took about 15 min. to finally get it back into the corral. It just refused to budge. They had to finally release some other smaller steer to try and heard it back in. It took a while though, and everyone thought it pretty comical. (All except the wranglers, I'm sure) lol

I'll let the picture speek for itself....

Oh, here is my friends daughter playing on the trampaling. Isn't she cute? I know, It probably seems like this has nothing to do with the rodeo. But my friend very genorously let me stay at her house Sat. night so I could be there to help with the rodeo breakfast in the morning, and see the rest of the rodeo. So, here I was playing with the girls after the Sat. rodeo.

Ha, ha, ha, ha! They are so cute! :D

This is in the car as Julie drove me back to Willits Sunday afternoon. It was so fun to help out and play a small part in our church minnistry. I hope to do this next year and the year after and the year after that. I just love our church family! Thank you all for the part you played in the volenteer work for the rodeo. I pray we may all shine as lights to this dark world, even with things like being willing to lend a helping hand in the rodeo to make the load lighter for everyone. It was so good to see everyone just pitch-in and work together as if we had been all our lives. The brotherly love that radiates from one person to the other is so encouraging to see. And if it is an encouragment to someone who is already a christian and a part of the body of Christ, think of what a testiment it is to the on-lookers who do not have Christ's spirit yet in them. 

This is just a start of the things the Summer season will bring, and I for one look forward to it with all my heart.
Blessings, -Kayla A.

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