Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day

Well, how was your Mother's day? Our's was good....even after all the obstacals of the morning. First, we were going to go to church. And we were in the car, driving, but my dad kept saying, "the brakes are horrible!!" So he pulled find the brake fluid container empty! So we turned around for home (only about 3 minutes away so far) And once home he refilled it, checking for leaks, etc. It all looked to be ok, so we decided to go to our local country park, and play some baseball and have tuna sandwiches. Because by the time we had the car all fixed up it was WAY to late to go to church:( :( Much to my dismay. But I put on a cheery face for my mommy and the day went on...
Then we went to see my Grandma in town and then to our nabours for a BBQ. As you can probably see, my baby brother LOVES corn on the cob!

What a smile!!


Jeremiah on the much loved bike

Girly, girls having fun together

Did I say girly? Well...yes, with a bit of spunky country fun :)

Happy Mother's day Mommy! And to all mommy's who visit this blog, a be-lated happy mother's day to you! So...what did you do on this day to celebrate your mom? Tell me your story, Id'e love to here what you did! Many Blessings!
-Kayla A.

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