Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Missonarry to your own back yard

"Go Therefore and make disiples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all the things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the age." Amen" Matthew 28:19-20
      Does this mean you must go to another State or Country to minnister and preach the word of God? I belive that it is for some. If God has called you to such a minnistry. For others, God might really just want you to shine the light of Christ in your daily life. One of my good friends told me a story of just how much people watch us, even when we don't realize.  She told me she and her family went into our local movie rental store, and after selecting a few dvd's, went up to the store counter to check them out. The man behind the counter asked them "Are you guys christians?" They answered "Yes" and the man went on to say, that he was not, but could tell when people were. He said there was something diffferent about them than everyone else, and that they sort of "warm vibe" about them. It led into a small conversation on christians, and my friends mom asked him if he had grown up christian. He told them he wasn't a part of it any more but was raised Jahovahs Witness. (DEFINITLY NOT THE SAME AS CHRISTIAN) Sometime within the conversation, her mom said the gospel message and aferward she said it looked like he had never heard it quite that way before. She has been praying for him since, that God would open his heart even more. You do not have to travel across the planet to show others who Christ is. There are people right down your street or in your town that need to hear the story of redemtion just as much as anyone else. Don't get me wrong, God has and does call many to go to some place other than the homefront. I just want to remind my fellow brother's and sister's in Christ that we have a job to do right where we are. Right now. As we go here and there, do we shine the light of Jesus? Or merely get on in life, forgeting the real meaning of what this life really is.

      Sometime last week, I was in my bed praying before drifting off to sleep. With a start, I realized that I had gotten off track with where my heart was going in regard to my life mission and goals. I had been just kinda living from day to day trying to do the right thing, yes, but the real reason for it being lost in the midst of to-do lists and the many things that constantly pull at me from every side. In the back of my head I without even realizing it,  sort-of thought, "Oh, yes, I want to be a light to the world for Jesus, but there is still so much more life ahead of me. Maybe someday later I will go do this or that for Christ. Right now, my life is buisy and surely God does not expect me to stop all that I am doing!" Like I said before I ws startled at my unconsious thoughts. We do not have a guarentee telling us that we will live for a set amount of years, or that Christ will come back on such and such a date. The bible tells us that, No man knows the time or the hour in which Christ will return. And our life is a vapor, which today is and tomorrow is gone. So, we must live for today, for the now. What if one of us died unexpectedly, in the very prime of our life. (God forbid that this should happen and I pray not, but these things do sometimes occur, so we must live life to the fullest in God's way, and in His will, so at the end of our life we will have no regrets.) So, when you go to the store today, smile because God loves you, even when the circumstances of this life get rough. And when you go to do something that otherwise you would not choose of your own accord, because let's face it there are some things that are plain NOT FUN, but are needful to do, because we have resonsibilities etc...Give it to God and do your best as unto the Lord. I have SOOOOOOO much to work on, I struggle with the same things you do in some ways I'm sure. Even just a second ago, my mom asked me if I had cleaned out my cat's box, mind you I HATE THIS JOB! And I told her I would in just a second, all  the while trying to not get irritated at the inturuption and reminder of the dreaded job.
         So, as our lives are watched by people we don't even know, day-in-day-out. Let the example they see be one worthy of the name of Jesus. May you grow in the likeness of Christ and shine His light today Blessings, Kayla A.

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