Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vacation Bible School 2012

Well, here I am back home after a week of VBS at our church in Potter Valey. It was amazing. The kids, the volenteers, the way God worked it all togetether. I feel so blessed that I was able to help out. The kids in the group I lead were all so sweet, inteligent, and respectful. I already miss them, and pray God would continue to work in they're hearts as only He can.

A few of the children in my group who were not from our church were a bit reserved and shy at the beggining of the week. By Thursday, and mainly Friday, they opened up and were so much more reseptive of the things being taught them, more involved in the various activities and felt more free to ask questions.

During snack time the other leaders and I would ask the kids reveiw questions and memorize verses. On Friday I was sittting with all the kids in front of me as I questioned them on what we had learned in the past week here at VBS. I asked them "Was the earth made in six litteral days by God, or in billions and billions of years?" (Creation was our theme)  Most everyone raised they're hand, but I asked one of the kids who was my shy one if she knew. She looked at me a said honestly, "I'm not sure." I went on to tell her what the bible says about it and that the earth was really made in six short days. But later after leaving, as I recounted all the events of the day, it was both humbling and sobbering to really see that there are those who do not know the truth of the bible. Or the Jesus who can save them. Iv'e grown up learning these things, and although I knew there were many who reject this truth, and choose instead the worlds thwarted theary, it reminded me into the relization that little children, innosent and ready to learn, are being taught by this world the veiws and doctrines of man rather than that of Jesus Christ. It made me relize all that much more how important and needed it is to proclaim the redemtive love of Christ, and the truth that comes from Him. So I thank all those at VBS that shined the light of Christ to these little ones. "So shall My word be that goes forth from my mouth; It shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it." Isaiah 55:11 Planting seeds in the hearts of the children.

This is Keely, the one that headed up this whole thing. She did an amazing job, and I want to say thank you to her once again for all that she did. (In the pic, she is doing a skit with her dad for bible time.)

And thank you game team, I know it was a highlight to the kids day. They especialy liked the water balloons, and throwing them at you all i'm sure made them excited....LOL! (I know because they would ask me when it was time for the water balloons, and if they could throw them at you.)

The craft team did an amazing job with coming up with all the crafts, and putting it together. Thank you all!

Here the game crew, waits on the bancony, for the older group to come outside so they can douse them in water......hahaha!

My best friend Becky did the nursry, thank you!

Anna  (also my best friend) helped with games as well, and did a great job with the kids :D

Like Keely said on her blog, it couldn't have happened without all the help put in by everyone. I pray this VBS was the first of many to come for our church in Potter. I would ask that we all continue to pray for these children, that they would be lead to Jesus Christ, and His redemtion and truth. 

Blessings to you all. -Kayla 

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