Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Days of Summer, Slumber & Blissful Sun

This is me, climing onto the top of my daddy's old truck top, from the tree...don't tell him I did that! Just joking, lol!

In the afore said tree
I copied this idea for taking a pic in the car mirror, from a friends blog. I did it while we were driving, so my hair was blowing all over my face! LOL

Sun shining through our maple tree....Ahh, it is so prettty in the springtime!

Josiah took this one, while telling me "This is to prove how much you read!" I have to tell you though, it is a life saver when you have to wait in the car with the kids, while your mom runs in to the store.

Ah, here we are sleeping on our deck, unable to sleep, and having fun playing with the camera and me telling them stories. (Nice faces right? Ha, ha!)

A bit better?
My bro and I are playing baseball in our front yard, while Jos, takes pics. He did pretty good with this one :)
"Oh, sorry, I'll do better with the next pitch..." Hahahahahah! His face was priceless as the ball missed him by a hair. SO, these are the kind 'o' things we do to have fun when the weather turns warm, and the sun shows it's face. :D What do you do at this time of year???

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