Friday, May 25, 2012

Rodeo, and the Love of Christ

This weekend is the rodeo! I have always loved all the horses, country, rodeo etc.. Kind of stuff. Unfortunatley where I live you can't have horses or any kind of large farm animals. We're up in the hills, but this one of the strange rules of our Brooktrails reigon. (My daddy said it's 'cause of the noise assosiated with them.) :( Anyway, any and every chance I get to be at farms, ranches, any place with horses etc. I jump at it. I'm a country girl. My Aunt laughed at me when I told her the story of the rooster butchering at our friend's house, and how halarious it ended up being in the end. (I have the story on an earlier post if you want to check it out.) Anyway, she thought it was funny because when I was little, (about 2 or 3) we lived in Petaluma. And well, one time I was in the car with her and my uncle, when all of a sudden, I sarted screeming. I am, as I write this wanting to delete it all, but hopefully it will give you a good laugh, so I will humiliate myself with the consolation of making you smile...My uncle thought I was hurt and he was really concerned, so he pulled over...only to find out it was a fly! I thought it was a hornet, and back then I didn't handle that kind of thing very well, (actually not well at all.) As my aunt told this story to her friend right in front of me, I declared that story had had WAY to much milage! She only laughed and told me I would NEVER outlive it. However in contrast, only last week I was talking to a friend when she told me I had a bee in my hair, we were both trying to get it out, but it was stuck. Once finally out, I kinda just laughed at the difference in the way I handle this kind of thing, now that I have lived in the country for just over 11 years. I LOVE THE COUNTRY and couldn't imagine myself living back in the city. Although I can't have a ranch or farm of my own, I enjoy spending time with other people who do. Maybe someday we will. I have prayed that if it is God's will we would move to a place where such a dream could come true. But for now, I will be content in my little nook of the hills where even here God's glory and splendor surrounds me every day. I thank God for His wonderful design in everything He has made! This morning when I woke up I was a bit disapointed that it was overcast and chilly. I was worried it would last into tomorrow and Sunday. But as I sat on the edge of my mom's bed, waiting for her to be off the phone so I could talk to her, the skylight above me burst sunlight onto my skin, warming both my body and soul. I was reminded of how much Jesus really loves us, and cares. He would take care of the weather, and my heart. I prayed that He would make it warm if He willed it to be so, but even if not, I would still be joyful, and make the best of it. And you know what? It is now warmer! Not that I by my prayer made it so, but Jesus does care, and Him letting the sunshine show it's face made me smile, and remember just how much He listens to His children and cares. I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial weekend! Id'e love to hear what you are doing!
Remember today just how much you are treasured and loved by Jesus!
-Kayla A.    
Pretty Ain't it?!

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