Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Have you ever gone on a long...ish trip and felt like Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz when she says, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home," Towards the end of it? Well...I have.
     A friend of ours asked if I would go with her and her family to Las Vegas to be a 'nanny' to her five kids. I thought, "well why not? I love kids, and it would be fun to go to Vegas, right?" It was fun, however now that I am back, I feel as though home has never felt so good, so right, so...HOME! My own bed, my own house, my own family!
      Here's some of the stuff we did in Vegas.  After the first day of going to the pool to swim with the kids in 117 degree weather, we decided our regular scedual would be changing to fit that of the suns demand. So from then on, we understood why all the other Vegas dwellers stay up long into the night and seemingly disapeer in daylight. Ours for other reasons than to gamble the night away. It was just to hot to be out in the sun. Someone asked me if I would ever want to live there, and my answer was that, It is fun to visit, but... #1. It is WAY to hot! #2. I simply could never live in the city, nomatter how grand. I guess I'll always be a small town country girl. :D 
        Instead of trying to describe everything to you, I'll let the pictures do they're job of story-telling.
Our first moments in Vegas
The largest gold nugget in the world, weighing over 61 pounds!

This is at the Gold Nugget Casino/Hotel. We went there to see both the gold and this tank that holds sharks and fish surrounded by a swimming pool and a water tube/slide that go's through the midddle of the tank. (You can see a person sliding through in the pic)

One of the many Hotels in the city. (I was told around two million tourists come to see Las Vegas every year.)

 Eiffle Tower in the Perisian part of Vegas

Lights, lights, and yet more lights!

Bellagio Fountains

Zip lines going down the length of Freemont street. AWSOME!!!

In the Bellagio Hotel

The Amazing Coka-Cola store, where you can get a coke from any country. Unfortunatly we didn't get achance to stop there, but it sure looks fun!

 A friend of ours and, Paul Draper. He is a magician, and of course the kids love him to no end. You can check out some of his videos on you tube. :) 
   So, if you asked me if I had fun my answer to you would be yes, and I am so happy to finnally be home. What are you doing this summer??? Go anywhere fun? I'de love to hear from you by comment or email.
                                                     Blessings to you all, xoxo -Kayla

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