Sunset in the mountains

On our hill

All the kids petting the Lamby

"Want a flower?"

Becky's little sister Imy



Beck 'n' Me

How can you ever say no to that face?


"Oh man, not make-up...please!"(we were having a mary-kay make-over)

Becky telling me not to take her picture. LOL

"I mean it Kayla!"

Me 'n' my weird brother! :)

This would have been a nice pic if he had not closed his eyes:( he redeemed himself. :)

He wanted to take my picture.... mabe a bit to much for one bite huh? LOL

Janiel with Benie :)

Father and Son... how cute is that. (by the way that's my older brother Kodey) :)

This is my Aunt Chare saying "Oh, my gosh his fingers are SO long!"  

Baby Girl telling Becky to be quiet. ha,ha,ha!


Our friends new lambs. So cute!


Baby Benjemin is finally here! Born on April 3rd, weighing a tiny 5 pounds, 9 oz. He is the smallest baby of my neice and nephews, but OH, SOOO cute!!! I absolutly ADORE him!
That's my brothers hand next to Benie. Just to show you how tiny he is.


This is my sweet sister-in-law. (She's gonna have a BOY!)
Angela holding her little brother. 


Let's Play With the Ball!

"My Ball"

Ready, Set, Kick!

Cheese Ball

This is a barn behind our church. I just thought it looked so rustic! 

Baby Hunter


Dream Truck

My sweet nephew

Bubble Beard

Faith & Angela taking a bath!

Baby Kisses

So Tiny.

Watching a movie next to eachother. How adorable!


What a share boy :)


Make-up Time!


So Cute!

My brother's told me he looks like Yoda with the stick, since he's so short. LOL

Ready, Set, Go!!!

My neice Angela!

In her "Puddle Jumpers"

Sleep Over ;)

My nephew Robert!


Grandma being silly with the girls! LOL

 I love flowers!

So pretty!
My baby brother...and the froggy hat I made:)
 My friend Becky!!!
 i love you baby!