My Dreams

Well, here I go. I have put off writing on this page for multiple reasons. One being that I haven't thought of the 'perfect' words to write, and simply that I haven't had time. So, you will have to forgive me if I don't make perfect sence in my ramblings. I'm sure my friends would tell you I can be a bit random and odd at times. lol. :)

Ever since I was a little girl in pig-tails I have always dreamt of the days to come. Where would I be in ten years? When I grow up will I have my own little girl to smother with kisses and hugs? Will that one friend be at my side on my wedding day to be my maid of honer and tell me to "Buck up and stop crying or your maskera will run."  I know I'm not the only one to day-dream of all the things God might yet have for us in this life. Over the last couple of months I have struggled with feeling like He forgets that we are down here needing His direction for which way to go and what to do, so that our life goes in circles without hope for better days.  But even in my doubt, Christ reveiled to me that we don't have to have a perfect life to live with joy and love. We need Him. Paul said in Romans 8:18 "For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compered with the glory which will be revealed in us." So I have hope in this that I will one day be in the arms of our Lord and Savior without the pain of yesterdays or fear of tomorows. But even as I read this I thought "Is this whole life going to be filled with pain? Is that what God wants us to do? To suffer all our lives?" But that is the wrong thinking. In Jeremiah 29:11 God tells us "For I know the thoughts I think toword you, says the Lord, thought of peace and not of evil, to give you a FUTURE and a HOPE."  God is not some kill-joy that wants to take away our hope and joy. But rather that He wants to be our hope and joy, and then even if you are in the worst of circumstances, you can have peace knowing God has a plan for every single thing in your life. He says that He will work ALL things together for good to those that love God to those that are the called according to his purposes. (I don't remember the address for it... sorry) And everything has it's place. God first then everything else. I DO NOT say this as a pro, but rather a working prosses. I'm thinking right now, "Kayla yeah, GOD first!" What did I do first this morning, I don't even rememeber, but I sure didn't put God first. Yeah, I said good morning to Him and said a quick prayer, but it was more out of routine then a heart felt love and abiding joy. I REALLY need to work on this as much as the next person, so as I write all this to you, know I am telling myself the same thing, and working on it every day. Well...let's see where was I, Oh, yeah. God does want us to have hope for tomorrow and a joy that over flows our souls, but we need to make sure that it all is rooted in Him, and not something else. I will catch myself hoping in a person, only to remember that is all thay are...a person. Even as wonderful as that person may be, they are not God and cannot see in our hearts and clease our souls as Jesus can and does. I do have hopes for my future, for what may come, but I also give those things to Christ asking Him to do what He knows is best with those dreams. For His best is far better than any one persons.  So as I dream with my head in the clouds (that's just about acurate) I pray God would open and close the doors of my lifes oppertunity's

Thank you for listening to my thoughts, I hope they may have somehow helped you in whatever you are going through today. May our Lord Jesus bless you abunduntly!
-Kayla A.