Friday, April 27, 2012

A Day at the Creek

Yeah my siblings are pretty cute, even if I am partial. Micaiah is such a poser, it cracks-me-up! Sometimes I take out my camera to take pics of him, just to cheer myself up, when I'm feeling down. As bakwards as that sounds, it's true! He is SO funny! I just love him to peices!!! 

Here are the boys playing near the creek

I just love Jer-Jer's missing tooth smile!!!

"Throw, Please?"

"Looky at my rock Sis!"

"I caught a water skipper!" Ok, this is not the scientific name, but to us it has always been a water skipper, so this it will stay.

WOW! I think someone is happy, huh? LOL

I was trying to take a pic. of the creek but instead got one of my reflection in it. Pretty cool right? I thought so anyway. :)

Wooden hollow... how fun is that?! Awsome scenery for a pic too!

Now tell me that isn't gorgeous....


Hope you enjoyed seeing the pics of our time at the creek! I sure know I had fun taking them! May the Lord Jesus bless your day! Bye!

-Kayla A.

Baby Mud Baths

Last week we went to the creek near our home. It was a lovely day, just warm enough to have the kids splash in the water. It was still a bit muddy in some areas, from the recent rains however, and what do you think go's through a one and a half year old's mind when he see's a mud puddle? You guessed it..."Run for it! Before Mama katches me!!!" is my baby brother muddied up from head-to-toe and not the least bit sorry for it!

Here he is pointing to the mud hole and smiling from ear-to-ear. 

Yes, I know he should have listened to mom and stayed out, but it was still halarious! It's one of those things you have to fein sorrow over their disobedience, when all you want to do is laugh out loud! (Which I kinda did anyway, I'm sorry to say.)

By the way, when I said 'from head-to-toe' I wasn't kidding! Ha, ha, ha!

-Kayla A.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Boys will be Boys

You know how boys are always like "I want to go hunting." "Oh, let's go shoot!" "Oh yeah, killing that would be no problem." is a story of how two teenage boys struggle for the kill of Ugly. Our friends monstrous rooster.

Here they attemt to slit his thoat. (Trying to use the most humane form of death) However, what they did not take into account is the fact that feathers can be quite hard at the stem....
So, since that did not work they decided to shoot it. (After they ran around trying to catch it...Again)  

"Hurry just shoot it! Before it runs away again!" I told them.

And here is the poor rooster. Having lived his life in cruelty, bullying all the other chickens, and even his owner, (who was the only one who actually had simpathy for him at all) no one really felt all that sorry for the ugly rooster. To be very acurate, we (me and two other moms) were somewhat amused by the way it took so long to kill one measly chicken! And when it was finnally shot it smoked! So, you may think me sort-of morbid, but I am a country girl and this is the kind of stuff i've grown up with. (Mainly 5 brothers!) So when you wonder why in the world would I find any humer in this...blame it on them. They would probably appriciate it! LOL :)
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Bless you all today. (I hope I haven't scared you all off! LOL)

Friday, April 20, 2012

"Fun in the Sun"

Spring is here, with every bird singing, and child itching to put on their swim-suits. Today I had the unfortunite job of house chores. But when I heard my dad had drenched my mom with water while washing his car, (no accident to be sure) (ok, my mom just told me she started it.) I thought to myself should I or should I not? Answer: DEFINITELY!!! So out I went out in my most competitive self, and what did I do? Yes, you guessed it, I TOTALLY got him good! We were literally fighting over the hoses, and spraying and soaking each other to our hearts content.  In  the end I was COMPLETELY SOAKED!!! But I wouldn't have traded it for the world, it was SOOO fun! So yeah, this is our clue to letting us know it's finally that time of year, when we can get out the hoses or water buckets and let the fights begin! (In a good way of course! LOL)

And I thought  it was over....YEAH RIGHT! I guess I get my competitiveness from the one who taught me what it ws in the first place! Ha, ha, ha!
Here I am wet to the bone!!!

And here is my dad washing his jeep..After I soaked him! LOL

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Dream Truck!

Yeah, this is my dream truck... I saw it in the gas station parcking lot and was like "OH! I LOVEE THAT TRUCK!" The lifts were a nice extra too. lol :) I was trying to take the pic without the people thinking I was stocking them or something. It was pretty funny! Don't you think I would look good in a truck like that? Answer: Yes!!! Just thought Id'e share that with you. Comment and tell me what yours is! :)
Blessings to you all! -Kayla A.