Friday, April 27, 2012

A Day at the Creek

Yeah my siblings are pretty cute, even if I am partial. Micaiah is such a poser, it cracks-me-up! Sometimes I take out my camera to take pics of him, just to cheer myself up, when I'm feeling down. As bakwards as that sounds, it's true! He is SO funny! I just love him to peices!!! 

Here are the boys playing near the creek

I just love Jer-Jer's missing tooth smile!!!

"Throw, Please?"

"Looky at my rock Sis!"

"I caught a water skipper!" Ok, this is not the scientific name, but to us it has always been a water skipper, so this it will stay.

WOW! I think someone is happy, huh? LOL

I was trying to take a pic. of the creek but instead got one of my reflection in it. Pretty cool right? I thought so anyway. :)

Wooden hollow... how fun is that?! Awsome scenery for a pic too!

Now tell me that isn't gorgeous....


Hope you enjoyed seeing the pics of our time at the creek! I sure know I had fun taking them! May the Lord Jesus bless your day! Bye!

-Kayla A.

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