Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Mud Baths

Last week we went to the creek near our home. It was a lovely day, just warm enough to have the kids splash in the water. It was still a bit muddy in some areas, from the recent rains however, and what do you think go's through a one and a half year old's mind when he see's a mud puddle? You guessed it..."Run for it! Before Mama katches me!!!" is my baby brother muddied up from head-to-toe and not the least bit sorry for it!

Here he is pointing to the mud hole and smiling from ear-to-ear. 

Yes, I know he should have listened to mom and stayed out, but it was still halarious! It's one of those things you have to fein sorrow over their disobedience, when all you want to do is laugh out loud! (Which I kinda did anyway, I'm sorry to say.)

By the way, when I said 'from head-to-toe' I wasn't kidding! Ha, ha, ha!

-Kayla A.

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