Saturday, April 21, 2012

Boys will be Boys

You know how boys are always like "I want to go hunting." "Oh, let's go shoot!" "Oh yeah, killing that would be no problem." is a story of how two teenage boys struggle for the kill of Ugly. Our friends monstrous rooster.

Here they attemt to slit his thoat. (Trying to use the most humane form of death) However, what they did not take into account is the fact that feathers can be quite hard at the stem....
So, since that did not work they decided to shoot it. (After they ran around trying to catch it...Again)  

"Hurry just shoot it! Before it runs away again!" I told them.

And here is the poor rooster. Having lived his life in cruelty, bullying all the other chickens, and even his owner, (who was the only one who actually had simpathy for him at all) no one really felt all that sorry for the ugly rooster. To be very acurate, we (me and two other moms) were somewhat amused by the way it took so long to kill one measly chicken! And when it was finnally shot it smoked! So, you may think me sort-of morbid, but I am a country girl and this is the kind of stuff i've grown up with. (Mainly 5 brothers!) So when you wonder why in the world would I find any humer in this...blame it on them. They would probably appriciate it! LOL :)
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Bless you all today. (I hope I haven't scared you all off! LOL)

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