Friday, June 29, 2012


Hi everyone! How are you? Was your week good/bad or inbetween? My best friend Beck and I went to Hartstone bible camp tueday-friday as volenteers. Working in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, serving. Free time on the rope swings, swimming and rafting on the river. Hard work, time with friends I know and love, and getting to know new ones.
    I loved the time in the mornings, after we had finished making and serving breakfast, when we, (the staff) would sit down and eat breakfast together. And Stan (the Director of Hartsone) would read the devotion and then ask us what prayer requests we had and then pray about/for them. The openess and heartfelt concern they have, the time we spent in prayer about the campers, ability to bless and shine the light of Christ to them, all of it. I loved the time I spent there. I'll admit I'm tired and feel like I need to scrub in the shower for a week, (actually, I'm going to right after this post. Well not a week, but you get the point.:)  But the time I spent there was something I wish anyone who has a heart for service could do. It's amazing.
     While the campers ate, I would smile as I watched them. Little ones with sticky faces, elbow songs, (they would make anyone who set they're elbows on the table stand up and sing a song for everyone. I felt bad for them... How embarassing! But they all had fun, so no worries.:) Anyway, I just can't tell you what a blessing it was to see them all so happy and having fun. And the way they made Christ the center of it all. Okay, if I'm not making sence, I'm sorry, I am SO tired, but I wanted to write this before I don't have time or am WAY to tired later. :) I have a few pics I want to post, but right now I'm at Beck's, and have no transfer cable, so you'll have to wait a day or two...Sorry! Hope you have had a great week, I would love to hear your summer/fourth of July/vaccation plans! :D
      xoxo -Kayla

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